Bonneville bound... September 2013

Thursday, 29 August 2013
Gary Pinchin, editor Classic Bike Guide
We owe a massive debt of gratitude to film producer Roger Donaldson for his brilliant 2005 movie The World’s Fastest Indian – and to Anthony Hopkins for bringing to life the character of Burt Munro and his record-breaking efforts on a home-brewed Indian V-twin on the Bonneville Salt Flats

It’s the speed freaks’ defining movie in a way that On Any Sunday was to millions of bike fans back in the 1970s. It’s a celebration of that pioneering spirit of engineering genius and a daredevil lust for speed…

Since Fastest Indian, Brough Superior has been to the Bonneville Salt Flats and established a new record in 2011. We’ve seen the rebirth of racing on Pendine Sands. And now both Brough and a team from the Baron’s Speedshop in Kent are back on the salt at the end of this month in search of more record-breaking runs.

This issue contains the latest on the Brough developments – and the conclusion of our two-part Baron’s Triumph build. And we wish the team well as they go to the BUB Speed Trials to take on allcomers on the Utah Salt Flats.

It’s not just about record breakers in this issue though – but it is about the pioneering engineering spirit. We’ve got Ian Johnston’s stunning special, where he’s turned a T160 into a pre-unit motor and slotted it into a BSA A10 chassis. We’ve got the McEvoy V-twins – surely the epitome of a British pioneer’s bikes. And we’ve got the Krazy Horse Harley – not so much engineering but innovative ideas to turn a staid old Sportster into a hot-looking cafe racer – evoking memories of a truly great road racer along the way.

Gary Pinchin, Editor

Dec 2014 - Issue 284

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