Variety is the spice... November 2013

Wednesday, 30 October 2013
Gary Pinchin, Editor
Well classics don’t get more diverse than in this issue

We arranged for several Matchless Owners Club members to bring a handful of really neat examples of single-cylinders to the owners club HQ in Kettering for a cracking day’s photoshoot.

We went to Red Max to talk street trackers and cafe racers and ended up falling in love with one of Steve Hillary’s personal rides – an Ariel Square Four bobber of all things. Don’t worry, no Square Fours were harmed in the build of this bike. Well not recently, back in the Sixties the thing was turned into a chopper but hasn’t seen the road in nearly 20 years. We reckon Steve’s tweaks have breathed fresh life into a great old bike.

There’s a fabulous Greeves-framed Triumph special that looks utterly off-road but makes a great street bike. We’ve an immaculate, home-built CB750 Honda cafe racer. A look at the social history of sidecars – and Watsonian’s latest outfit in a market that’s regaining some of its lost appeal.

We’ve also got Peter Allan’s and Dick Smith’s Bonneville experiences with the Baron’s Speed Shop-built Triumph.

And we’ve topped that off with coverage of the Ace Reunion, Goodwood Revival, Glemseck and The Bike Shed II. A busy few weeks and all very classic – but about as diverse as you can get.

Hope you get the same kick from reading it as we did putting it together.

Gary Pinchin, Editor


Dec 2014 - Issue 284

Live to ride; ride to live

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