• Yamaha’s first trail bikes

      Background  Serendipity is a truly marvellous motive force. Without it, the world of dual-purpose motorcycles might look distinctly different today. When Jack Hoel, Yamaha

  • Norvin Nirvana

      Evolution is inevitable, which is why modern bikes often look the same, feel the same and handle similarly. But back in the Fifties the

  • 1980 Moto Guzzi V50 MK2

      I bought my first Moto Guzzi V50 in 1989, from a bloke who kept it in a lock-up off a dark, dank alleyway in the

  • Yamaha RD350

      Yamaha probably didn’t have an inkling of what it had started at the end of the 1960s when it began drafting plans for a

  • British Bulldog Built By Fred, Not Bob

    Words Alan Cathcart Photos Kel Edge Nowadays the term ‘Bobber’ has become as ubiquitous as café racer or street tracker, with manufacturers jumping on a

  • BSA A7

    Words and pictures by Oliver Hulme “A SPORTS MACHINE in the true tradition…the Star Twin has few equals as a machine for sustained high-speed road

  • 1973 Triumph Tiger 750

    Triumph’s tempting torquey Tiger From Autobahns to wee twisties, this tolerant twin is tremendous fun and often recommended as a good choice for a first

  • BSA Super Rocket Special

    Words by Oliver Hulme Photography by Jason Bryant AS DUSK FALLS on a farmyard somewhere in the south west of England, Ray Loxton is tinkering