Smooth operator

Man, machine, harmony. Perfect

FEW EVER ENVISAGED BMW’s brick-shaped four becoming the trendy target for café builders. Then again, the K-series was never easy to figure.

Upon its release in 1983 the liquid-cooled, fuel-injected inline carried the very survival of BMW’s motorcycle division.


Or so it was thought. A unique approach offering both modernisation and Teutonic tradition, the DOHC, 987cc multi was turned then dropped until the cylinder head was riding portside and the crankshaft was spinning longitudinally; just like a boxer twin.

The K100’s stressed-member frame and single-sided swinging arm swept past industry standards.

Thirty years later, Larry Romestant’s K1200 hybrid embraces the greatness of Spandau and a few other locations besides.


K-based café specials are becoming less unusual, but Romestant’s careful refinement and groomed uniformity sets this apart. Individual styling and engineering applications become clear on the first encounter.

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