They’re great to ride, of course. Every journey brings its own challenges and its own rewards

A stinkwheel might make sense on twisty British roads, but America is the home of the heavyweight V-Twin.

So why is Kenny Smith so enthralled with his Scott TT Replica? “Harleys and Indians were built for covering big distances over our interstate highways,” explains Kenny.


“But I live in the middle of nowhere – the biggest place around here is Mifflingtown, population 936. My neighbours are Amish and Mennonite and they use a horse and buggy. One horse, not two – that would be deemed ostentatious…”

And there are great roads for a Scott enthusiast in Kenny’s neck of the woods – he is surrounded by mountains and the Bald Eagle State Forests.

“I’d like to know more about Alfred Scott and the history of his motorcycles,” he adds. “Around here, a historic building is one made from cinder block and still standing after 50 years!”


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