A stylish send-off

Their fully-equipped, British-built hearses travel the length and breadth of the mainland and, as you can see here, provide a rapid response to the UK’s distant highlands and islands. Says proprietor Paul: ‘The ferry operators are always good with us. As we have such a compact vehicle, they always find a way to fit it on board

The Reverend Paul Sinclair (as we should probably call him) has been conducting funeral services for nearly three decades and believes it’s important to reflect a person’s lifestyle in their final rites. So Motorcycles Funerals Ltd offer a classically-styled Triumph Bonneville outfit, another propelled by a Harley-Davidson; even a Suzuki Hayabusa and sidecar. All are equipped to top professional specifications to make for a memorable memorial.


More information from www.motorcyclefunerals.com or 0845 375 2106

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