Activ8 oil additive

Activ8 oil additive

It bonds to the metal surface at just above 50°C and creates a low friction surface able to withstand extreme pressure and dissipate heat. Suitable for all engines, including diesel, LPG and rotary, and in unit systems; wet clutch, model and industrial. It contains no solids, using only hydrocarbon technology. Suitable for all oils and has no PTFE. It works metal to metal so does not affect clutch plates etc. Having had my Norton apart, I added Activ8 to both engine oil and gearbox oil. It has made a terrific difference. It’s quieter, the gearbox action is smoother and it runs on a bit livelier than before.

One treatment of Activ8 will last six oil changes (car between 25-40,000 miles.) Add Activ8 to engine oil at between 25ml and 50ml per litre of oil. The 125ml container for up to 800cc, at £16.95. For cars up to 5.5l and bigger bikes, the 250ml container is £29.95. There’s also a one litre container at £74.95. A worthy investment. View a demonstration online at

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