AMC crankshafts

AMC 650 crankshafts are being remanufactured

The club reckoned that if it was possible to obtain a quality product at the right price then it would be a considerable benefit to our members in being able to obtain a major component that is presently unavailable.

The new cranks are cast in Austempered Ductile Iron (ADI), almost double the strength of the original Spheroidal Graphite Nodular iron. Casting is by Zanardi in Italy and subsequent machining by RWT in Austria. The crank is based on the original design so as to be a direct replacement. The design engineering was undertaken in the Mechanical Engineering Department, at the University of Leoben, Austria using 3D CAD-CAM software and 3-axis measuring systems. Both dynamo and alternator versions are available. The proposal was put to the membership and the response was such that it enabled the club to place an initial order for 100 pieces. This enables cranks to be supplied for those who placed firm orders and will also provide for stock to be held in the club parts department, leaving enough castings for future requirements. For those who originally supported the project with a down payment, the club will charge as near as possible to the original estimated cost of €850 (£710-ish).

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