Arai SZ-R VAS helmet

I’VE spenT most of my life riding in full face helmets, and more recently in open face lids.

I always disliked the flip-up types as they were neither one thing nor the other, but I appreciate they have their uses.

But full faces don’t give the classic experience, while open face lids do, but also with flies, dirt and if it rains, riding gets a little unpleasant. Oh, what to do…


I’d seen our friend and regular contributor Alan Cathcart wear this Arai SZ-R and liked the idea, but until this year Arai had not imported them to the UK for some time.

Now they do, and I think I’ve found my new favourite helmet.

It works for my modern Triumph Scrambler just as easily as my old bikes, safety with an Arai is a given for me ( I may have, erm, used them for a few occasions…) and the SZ-R comes right around the cheeks for as much coverage as an open face can.


Yet the opening is almost perfect; I’ve had to check more than once I am wearing a helmet as you can hardly see any part, yet just out of your periphery it is there to look after you.

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