BMW system 7 carbon helmet

■■ £525 (seen for as low as £325 new)

Think that sounds expensive? Before you start writing in, a good friend of mine had a simple topple off the other day and his cheap helmet split, knocking himself out.


He now has to take it easy thanks to delayed concussion – but he was lucky.

Want to wear a cheap helmet; or even worse an old helmet? It’s your decision; but if you’ve tested as many, knocked yourself out as much as I have and have to live with the permanent damage, you wouldn’t. Your choice.

My journeys range from nipping out to the bike meet, to rides around the coast, to across countries; so the flip up design suits perfectly.


I’ve now had three BMW helmets and I like their light weight, their ability to have a very low chin bar when it’s raised and I seem to have had a BMW-shaped head, until now.

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