Bright spark

Kit will fit any 12 volt Triumph twin with points

Suitable for any twin cylinder 12v Triumph with points in the timing cover, the classic Tri Spark electronic conversion is simplicity itself. Component-wise it consists of a rotor, the ignition module, three Allen screws, a short length of wire and the appropriate end connectors.

Once you’ve removed the points the back plate and all the other bits of your existing system, it’s simply a case of replacing them with the new kit. Screw in the rotor, line up the module, connect up the wires and, hey presto you’re about there. All that remains is some fine tuning with a strobe, a confident kick and a satisfied smile as it fires up.


We’ve got one here which we’re going to fit to a suitable Triumph soon, so keep an eye out and we’ll show you just how simple it is. Price is £237 inc VAT from L P Williams See the full range of spares at

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