British ultrasonics can clean up

ULTRASONIC CLEANING is flavour of the month when it comes to restoring motorcycle parts, especially with carburettors affected by the current use of additives and ethanol in petrol.

Few methods rival the use of ultrasonics for the thorough cleaning of engine parts, especially when replacement parts aren’t easy to come by.


Engines are prone to carbon build-up, while layers of burnt oil can prove very difficult and time-consuming to remove. Ultrasonic cleaning can remove all manner of oil, grease, rust, paint, lubricant and dirt. Parts can be cleaned without recourse to harsh and dangerous chemicals or abrasives.

British company Hilsonic has been manufacturing and supplying ultrasonic cleaners for more than 35 years, with patented technologies and unique design and construction, all developed for exceptional performance and long unit life. For more information about the range of ultrasonic cleaning products for the classic bike enthusiast, log on to or contact:

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