CBG: From the archive

The world never stops changing, but I instantly found myself smiling at this photograph.

My first job was as a petrol pump attendant, though by the 1980s a shirt and tie was not necessary and to be honest, I spent more time watching the mechanics and helping the MoT tester than serving the public…

But there is so much about this photo that tells us about change.


We fill our own vehicles up, now. It’s easier, but it means less jobs.

We don’t need to check our oil in between services because our vehicles are more reliable and use less, so oil pumps aren’t needed.

But fewer people know about how their vehicle works, and little things, like tyre pressures, get unnoticed. Life changes.


But what is the modern version of the Ariel Leader?

This chap has smart trousers and shoes, with a screen that’ll keep him out of the weather.

A scooter would do similar, but without the handy built-in panniers and pothole friendly larger wheels. In our modern world, is there a replacement for the Leader in the bike world?



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