CBG workshop: Bought the wrong cable?

Damn. I recently bought a new front brake cable from Draganfly Motorcycles for the B31, as retardation was getting worse.

Though true to form, I didn’t get around to fitting it until the old one snapped – twit. “Never mind, I have one at home,” I thought.


But my bike has the 8in front hub, so it didn’t fit.

It was long enough though, so the outer sheath just needed shortening.

The rubber was removed with a knife, then a hacksaw blade was used to cut the metal spiral; being extremely careful not to catch the cable.


And by careful, I mean it. I had the cable pressed right in, so once cut I could inspect the cable to make sure I hadn’t caught it – success.

A firm brake, nice feel to the lever and no money wasted!

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