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Mould Breaker
Japan’s first big bike was better built and faster than most British twins. But was it the shape of things to come?

Dealer special
A genuine ‘dealer special’, this modified Mountain Cub is a teeny piece of trials history.

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Products and letters
Security special; you write we listen

Big question
Turning petrol into serious engine power – part two

Royal Enfield Continental GT
How to build the teenage road rocket that teenagers actually want to ride. Rule one, talk to some teenagers. Rule two, make it sexy. Rule three, make it unbreakable. Enfield got two of them right, 21st century classic bike fans are fixing the third one.

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The Good Guys, Hagon
Hand built suspension and wheel repairs for sensible money. Hagon’s products probably do more to keep our beloved old bikes on the road than anything else out there.

Triumph 21
By 1966, Triumph’s slimmed down 3TA Twenty-One was at the end of the line. More of a bidet than a bathtub. 46 years on it’s just a great classic bike. Overlooked by many, but definitely a classic.

BSA MC1 250BSA MC1 250
The world’s largest manufacturer, the industry’s biggest brains and some of the greatest riders of the day came together in the 1950s to build a brand new 250 racer. It could have been the future of both road and race divisions, but was killed by management with no understanding of racing.

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Suzuki GT750
As 1970s as glam rock and a frothy Cresta polar bear, Suzuki’s GT750 is still overlooked as a classic, which is shameful because, it’s so, damn good. Steve Rose rides the first of the water buffalos.

60 years of Suzuki
From looms to GSX-Rs with added Bazza

Classic tyre guide
Good tyres make every ride a pleasure. Bad ones, worn ones and ancient, cracked brittle ones most certainly do not. The latest rubber might look like the old stuff, but most of it isn’t even made of rubber any more and the performance and longevity are all the better for it.

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Buyer’s guide
Yamaha’s first 350 was the start of a 30 year dynasty. If you ever owned a 350LC, then say hello to grandpa.

Petrol tank restorationTank restoration
Carbs full of rust are no fun and roadside rebuilds suck. This month we look at how to keep fuel systems free from the dreaded brown pest.

Famous last words
BSA A7 originality and other fascinating stuff

Louise Limb

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