Clean MyRide cleaner

I’ve tested dozens of cleaners for bikes over the years.

Most feel like they’re just car wash in a spray, while others have some thought put in them, like clinging onto vertical surfaces without drying too quickly, having a spray that will also turn to a jet, not marking seats, chrome or alloy and of course, cleaning and leaving a nice finish with minimal effort.

Clean MyRide is in my ‘above a tenner so it better be good’ category, and pleasingly has proved to be really good.


The spray bottle is just right with coverage and doesn’t feel weak or hard to use.

The substance is of average thickness, meaning it does stick on vertical surfaces, though there is some noticeable movement down; such is gravity!

Instructions say leave on for a few minutes, and it gives time to cover a decent amount of your bike and still have time to agitate with some brushes.


That really helps and then I use a hose to rinse it off.

Just the rear wheel needed second helpings, with all that chain lube, which it did struggle with – but then most cleaners would. It’s a balance between cleaning and not harming surfaces, I guess.

After rinsing I left the bike out in the winter weather and two weeks on, it still looks clean and all surfaces still retain that gloss finish. I like this and will be buying again.


■ £11.99

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