CZ secrets

I much enjoyed your in-depth review of the CZ 175 Sport – a solid and reliable little bike.

In the article and in the European Bike Guide you say you only need to use the clutch lever to pull away, in fact with a bit of practice you could let the gear lever back slowly to its central position with your foot against the pressure of its springs and pull away too. This could come in handy if you ever broke a clutch lever. The “Posilube” was a great convenience and much better than putting in a filler cap measure of oil, pouring the petrol in on top and then giving the bike a good shake, as recommended in the owner’s manual for my BSA D14/4.


As a one-time owner of a CZ 175 Sport I think Bob’s final words sum things up nicely. I probably fitted both categories. Though my photo (above) suggests the bike had more style than its owner.

John Babbidge

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