Ducatis are a hit

Recently I was at Newcastle airport in a magazine shop searching for a good read for my flight back home to Hamburg.

What I saw I did not expect – I found your good Classic Bike Guide, with the 30 years of the Desmoquattro report, which I read with high interest. Brilliant.


I’ve been waiting for years for exactly such a report in my German motocycle magazine, MO Italian bikes. You did it and that’s great!

I am the lucky owner of a 1992 851 S3 (Monoposto SP4 seat, according to a dyno test in the workshop some weeks ago it has 100bhp) and a 1999 M900 (carburettor).

I sent the frame and engine number to Ducati Italy and they informed me by phone that approximately 200  851 S3 bikes were built in 1992. I have no idea if that is right? The design, history and performance of the 851/888 is amazing.


It is very exotic when you appear with such a Superbike at the biker meets, most of the people have not seen the 851/888, as the 916 design and history is much more popular.

Thanks a lot and greetings from Hamburg Germany

Dominik Bertsch


CBG: Glad you liked it Dominik, and your SP3 looks fantastic!

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