FB Mondial 125 hps

An interesting design merging traditional looks with brave, modern styling, means the FB Mondial is one of those bikes you don’t look at and instantly say “Oh, that’s a 125 learner-bike.” There is an Italian tan leather seat, chrome mudguards and twin stainless steel exhausts, nicely finished matt gunmetal tank and lower bellypan, subtle racing stripes and chrome wheels. The package makes up a really good, if unusual-looking bike, which guarantees admiring glances and compliments, albeit along with a little confusion and surprise, wherever it goes. Many onlookers want to know what it is, who Mondial are and, proof of the pudding that the design is spot-on, how big is the engine?

The HPS may have retro aspirations, but this is a thoroughly modern motorcycle. Turn the key in the electronic ignition and the single pod digital display lights up, initially displaying the rev counter, speed, fuel gauge, engine temp and clock. A press of the starter button and the engine fires into life, the twin exhausts giving out a nice, deep, throaty note. As with many bikes now, the bike will only start when it is in neutral and the stand is in the upright position – useful to new riders, but infuriating to those more seasoned.

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Does anyone else see a little Hesketh in the design?

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