Get up there grandfather!

This image was taken by The Motorcycle magazine, circa 1927 (ref.B2406) and shows my grandfather Geoffrey Bode, on the left aboard his beloved “Pegasus” giving it all he’d got up the Post Hill climb, Leeds.

I would be fascinated to know what his machine was. I know he was recorded as having competed on a Sunbeam 500 in other events such as the Scott Trial in the early 1930s.


This appears to be a heavy looking twin which wouldn’t have been ideal for trialling? He was a keen and reasonably accomplished amateur during this period. I have a number of trophies and medals from various events as well as the helmet he wore in the photo.

Note the safety gear of the period seemed to comprise of plus-twos and a stout pair of brogues, not forgetting to wear a collar and tie!

William Bode



Dear William

My colleague James is a Sunbeam fan and is adamant your grandfather’s bike is indeed a Sunbeam 500, the sporty Model 90 – either 1927 or 28 – a bullnose model. It looks a twin, but in fact was a twin-port single. And is very much the sought-after model nowadays! What an amazing photograph – and grandfather is really giving it some – look at the chain stretching! Good to see he looked so dapper as well.



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