Good vibrations

STROLLING THROUGH the magazine section at ASDA, I was stopped in my tracks. I must have stepped through a black hole because I was suddenly 17 years old again. That’s some feat for a magazine.cbg-october-p48

Some motorbikes thoroughly deserve to be reborn and the Métisse is certainly one of them. I doubt I’m representative of the target market this machine is pitched at but I’m really enjoying the retro vibe that is going on just now. Long may it continue.

Please, don’t stop featuring these new bikes in the magazine. True classics must, simply must, be in your hallowed pages even if they were constructed within the last decade.


Perfect design and beautiful aesthetics simply don’t date. The only realistic design for a motorcycle (although many have tried other arrangements) remains a wheel at the front, a wheel at the back and an engine roughly placed in the middle with the rider atop. Sometimes everything just fits together in artistic perfection and that Métisse is, just that, perfect!

Victor Garman

Our view entirely. Eyes of beholders, things like that. CBG


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