Greetings from the Great Southern Ocean

Classic Bike Guide reader Henry Balfour sent us this back in June!

I borrowed the February issue from the AA testing station recently (no worries – I’ll return it once I’m finished)…

I see in your welcome editorial the wee 350cc Honda. I used to have a thing for the street scrambler-looking twins back then. A nice article.


You can get hold of the June 2018 copy for the article here! 

I am also commenting on the photo in that editorial – a small boy covered in motor oil is on camera looking for the cracked frame tube!

Once the Cycle magazine published a fantastic engine strip down photoshoot of the XL250 motor, down to every fastener! I realised how superb Japanese engineering was – I loved the XL250 but I still rode a 1971 B50T.


PS: This month in Real Classic (CBG’s sister title) magazine is an article on a BSA 750 Bandit/Fury hybrid I sold last year back to a guy in the UK. Nice to see it being written up in the press.

Henry Balfour

You can get hold of the June 2018 copy for the article here! 


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