Haughton honey infused with CBD

Steven Myatt, founding editor of Classic Bike Guide and his family now make honey, and very nice it is too.

They call it English wildflower honey, it isn’t pasteurised and comes straight from the hive.

I can honestly say it is the nicest honey I’ve ever tried. But the main reason it’s in the product pages is that they have a new product – honey with British CBD oil.


CBD oil is the part of the cannabis plant oil that has many proven benefits, and has been separated from THC, the part that gives psychoactive tendencies.

But CBD can help with such items as pain relief, anxiety, depression, aches and pains, arthritis, epilepsy and even Parkinson’s.

You can buy it to spray on your tongue, but when it comes in such wonderful honey, why would you?


£30 is a lot of money for honey, but it is the most gorgeous honey I’ve ever tasted and has many health benefits.

I was lucky enough to try a jar and used it in a variety of snacks, and while it would take longer to feel if there is long term relief, I certainly didn’t have my knee pain like normal.

Look into CBD and use this as a treat that also helps aches, pains and other medical issues.


■Haughtonhoney.com■ £29.95 + £3.99 postage and packing

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