Hi-tech tyres

Tyres for classics

It’s easy to overlook tyres when completing a restoration or reviving an old bike. We spend hundreds (or thousands…) on the engine and chassis, but then fit whatever happens to be convenient when it comes to the rubber. Yet that contact patch between tyre and tarmac is key to a safe and speedy riding experience. The ContiClassicAttack is intended to revitalise the handling, stability, grip and safety of classic motorcycles. It’s the only radial tyre in this category and enables riders to eliminate many of the performance compromises of older, cross-ply tyre designs.

The ContiClassicAttack comes as a front tyre size 100/90 R19 57V (which replaces the old 3.25-19 size), and for rears as a 110/90 R18 61V (for 4.00-18) and 120/90 R18 65V (4.25-18). All are tubeless but can be fitted with an inner tube when used on tube type wheel rims.


See www.conti-tyres.co.uk

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