In full flight

Douglas ditched the strange suspension system of its earlier models and replaced it with another, at least at the front. The engine unit is very neat; turning the drive through 90 degrees for a chain drive is rather less clever


If you find the charm of this British-built transverse twin to be utterly irresistible and actually buy one, then you’ll also find yourself repeating those words over and again to slightly bewildered bystanders. Consider yourself lucky.


Owners of every other Douglas model have to put up with people asking them ‘is it a Dragonfly?’ because this is the only Douglas model to have made any real impact on the public consciousness.

Entertainingly, owners of earlier Duggie flat twins tend to look down their snouts at the marque’s last gasp and view the ’Fly as some form of inferior being – so they take it as a mortal insult if you mistake their magnificent ‘Mark series’ Douglas for a dodgy old Dragonfly. Hours of endless fun await…

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