July 2018

From the archive
Sand racing from Wallasey, 1961

Smiles in the Stafford sunshine
We focus on some of the bikes that caught our eye

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What’s been going on with the world of all things classic

What’s on
Pack your sarnies and suncream and see some bikes!

Buyer guide – Norton ES2
We look at the featherbed-framed Norton ES2 and what makes it so good

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Buyers guide – Honda CG125
A worthy classic as it started so many riders biking careers 

Buyers guide – Triumph 3T
A pretty little Triumph twin, often overlooked

New retro – Harley-Davidson’s new Sportster 48 Special
The Sportster started in 1957 – how good is Milwaukee’s latest offering?

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Column – Steve Cooper
Steve traces back to exactly how he became so fascinated by little Japanese two-strokes 

Column – Paul D’Orléans
Paul looks at all the books written about riding round this world of ours

Column – Paul Miles
Paul cracks out the lightweight jacket and open-face helmet – summer’s here!

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Archive poster
A beautiful reproduction of the Triumph 3T brochure

Hailwood’s bikes pt2
We look at Hailwood’s journey to South Africa and his NSU Sportmax, the start of the great man’s success

When a highly-skilled sculptor takes a Moto Guzzi and forms a magnificent machine in a shed

Learner classics
We take a look at those bikes that could woo a younger generation into classic bikes

National Motorcycle Museum
We sent Rachel to have a go at the NMM

Spring has sprung so treat yourself!

A lovely piece from the US, plus some useful info about Yamaha’s XS2

How to decoke your two-stroke exhaust
Steve shows how to liberate your two-stroke – without getting too dirty…

Next month
We look at BSA’s A65, Norton’s Commando and Honda singles

Reader adverts
Now, what can I spend the kids’ inheritance on?

Frank’s last word
Frank lowers his rose-tinted spectacles and admits some British classics aren’t quite as good as we remembered… 

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