Kickback Olympia

A VAST ARRAY of custom crafted motorcycles were displayed at Kickback London last autumn. Whatever your preference to style, there was something there to catch the eye and boggle the mind.

The loft at Olympia Central showcased 60 hand-crafted masterpieces alongside 80 rare classics, customs and dealer specials, while live music and an art gallery helped to keep the 2500 visitors entertained.

One of the nicest aspects of the show was the sheer variety of marques and models used as the starting point for the builds.


From a neon-sprayed step-thru to a street-fighting LED-emblazoned Z1000, the machines were exercises in imagination, individuality and inventiveness on the part of motorcycle enthusiasts, engineers, designers, fabricators, artists and artisans.

Many of the motorcycles were clearly the vision of one dedicated builder – some of them individuals who work at home, others long-established dealers.

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