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Asgard motorcycle garage

For those with a garden but no garage, this galvanised steel shed has reinforced hinges, doors and panels and is heavy enough to class as a garage for insurance purposes. There’s a ramp that slides out to get the bike in and out easily and, although only really big enough for one bike, you might get two smaller ones in. There’s also an optional longer (30cm) version which would take two bikes staggered in a nose to tail formation.

Price is £1361 (but currently on offer at £999) for the standard unit, £1445 (£1195 offer price) for the bigger one. Web:

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Bike Trac
Fits discreetly to your bike and uses GPS and GPRS technology to track its position at regular intervals. The unit sends a message to Bike Trac’s computers and can alert you by text message when your bike is moved without the ignition being switched on.

If your bike goes missing (even with the ignition on) Bike Trac’s crack team of techies will follow the signal and lead an even more crack team of burly policemen to the crooks’ lair.

Early bike tracking units were let down by the size of the aerial needed which made them difficult to conceal, but this unit is tiny.

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Works on 6v and 12v electrics and has a very low current draw so shouldn’t drain your battery.

Price is £299 (plus monthly subscription) and you can get more info from

Xena XX6 alarmed disc lock and cable adaptor
Simple, easy to use, no need to be wired into your bike and it doesn’t drain the battery. Alarmed disc locks are a good idea, but this one becomes even better when you add the cable adaptor. Cable locks have more security than a disc lock, work with drum braked bikes and allow you to lock your bike to something solid.

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Price is £44.99 plus £18 for the adaptor cable and you can get more info from

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