Levis returns with a ground-breaking V6

ANOTHER LONG DORMANT British motorcycle name is rising from the ashes.

Levis, which built a range of lightweight sporty two- and four-strokes in the years up until the Second World War, has returned as the brand name for a new range of motorcycles with an all-British modular engine concept.

The new Levis motorcycle is based around a compact two litre V10 engine developed for the Connaught Type D GT car in 2004. The first motorcycle engine, a 22° V6, will be fitted into a tubular stainless-steel frame with stainless infill panels and a Hossack style independent front end.


The modular engine can be made in a V10, V8, V6, V4 or V2 configuration.

Proposed models included a cruiser, café racer, urban roadster and sports version fitted with V6 or V8 engines, the first being a V6 café racer.

The first Levis models are due to be revealed early this year with a £52,000 price tag.


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