Lively Laverda

Power and speed with rock steady handling

WORDS & PHOTOS BY Marion Thirsk

LAVERDA HAD ITS ORIGINS in rugged tractors and combine harvesters, so it’s little wonder that their motorcycles are equally well engineered. Solid, reliable, durable and dependable, with top quality components, Laverda’s twins and triples exhibit the same design strengths as their agricultural predecessors.

Laverdas are often brightly coloured but more subtle palettes are available. This one’s not actually monochrome, just a very pale blue

Following the Second World War, Francesco Laverda began designing motorcycle engines, and Moto Laverda started production in earnest in 1950. A student of thermodynamics, Francesco created small capacity, high performance engines which successfully avoided the cooling issues commonly encountered in Italy’s sunny climate. He spent two decades creating reliable, affordable commuter transport, building a solid reputation for durable, low maintenance machines.

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Moto Laverda believed in serious product testing, both on and off road. Competing in endurance races, long distance races, hill climbs and time trials enabled them to test, hone and improve their bikes. Strength, performance, handling and reliability, rather than pure speed, provided a phenomenal string of wins which raised their profile and placed Laverda firmly in the eye of the buying public.

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