Modern classics give Avon a boost


Avon Motorcycle Tyres is capitalising on the recent surge of interest in British bike brands, with Triumph and CCM fitting them to new bikes. Royal Enfield is also fitting its 350cc bikes and Himalayan adventure bikes with Avon rubber.

Despite the motorcycle market hitting a plateau and remaining largely static in the last 12 months, Avon has managed to substantially increase its OE fitment business over the last five years.

Already the only tyre maker building motorcycle products in the UK today, Avon is also now capitalising on the desire for retro bike style, with classic whitewall products seeing an upsurge in popularity as manufacturers and custom bike builders seek to give their machines the right aesthetics.

Doug Ross, Avon Tyres’ head of global motorcycle tyre sales, said: “We now produce more premium whitewall tyres than ever before and that’s testament to the strength of the modern classic market.

“While the motorbike market is largely flat at the moment, we are maintaining our position and, in some areas like OEM relationships, increasing our impact. British motorcycle brands have huge cult followings, which provides us with a valuable outlet.”

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