New Year\'s Day gathering, Brooklands

Peter Greenwood\’s 350 Gold Star now has a later, big fin 500 engine

Motorcycles had a dedicated parking area just outside the old Clubhouse and formed a mixed line of classics and a few of vintage years. Unfortunately, the weather and other distractions in the area seem to have kept attendance down. 

One attendee was Peter Greenwood, a firm believer in \’keeping it classic.\’ He has ridden BSAs for many years and when he retired from full-time work needed an excuse to get some motorcycling miles in, so volunteered for SERV (Service by Emergency Rider Volunteers) Surrey and South London Blood Runners. The organisation moves emergency supplies around the hospitals wherever and whenever it is needed – usually at night. Peter uses a Gold Star, a bike that he used for commuting for years and rejuvenated with other Gold Star parts from his collection. Apparently, it is the only classic doing the job, locally at least.


He confided: “I don\’t always use it – I have a Bantam that\’s suitable for the inner-city runs!”

>  For more information on SERV ring 0743 222 1981 or:

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