Olfi one.five Black action camera

Can’t explain why you love riding your bike to friends?

Trying to show a problem in the workshop to someone abroad? How about an easy-to-use video camera, that’s the size of a matchbox?

In a previous life I thoroughly tested as many of the action cameras as possible and the Olfi came out on top. I’d never heard of it before.


It does everything I have needed a camera to do, plus crucially it isn’t too complicated to use.

And the vertical shape seems to make fitting on your bike, and definitely on the side of your helmet, a lot easier.

The one.five is an improved version, with better stabilisation, which helps your videos look less like a vomit-inducing fairground ride, and higher quality.


It can also be plugged in to your car to be used as a dashcam if you like that sort of thing, and, crucially for riding videos, it will take a microphone that you can just plug into the side.

The main rivals, GoPro, will take a microphone, but you have to buy a box of tricks to plug it in, then find somewhere to put it – Americans must just like faffing.

Olfi is a British company, so if you have any issues you can phone them and talk to a real person.


They’re also well made as I threw one down the road at more than 70mph, not in its case and it was fine. You find yourself wanting to film more and more – before you know it you’re Steve McQueen and a Hollywood director rolled into one.

But crucially, the top of the range Olfi camera, this Black edition, is just £150. That’s a bargain.■ olficamera.com ■ £149.99

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