Plea for biking routes on Google Maps

A PETITION HAS been launched calling for motorcycle and scooter routes to be added to Google Maps.

The platform has a facility for travel by car, train, bicycle and even plane, but with no time estimates for motorcycle journeys, leading motorcycle insurance broker, Carole Nash, believes that bikers have been overlooked by Google.


With studies revealing motorcycle travel within major European cities can be up to two-thirds quicker than the same route by car, the Carole Nash petition suggests that journey time estimates should be changed for those travelling by bike.

Rebecca Donohue, Head of Marketing at Carole Nash, said: “Google Maps is a useful tool for many travellers, but it is baffling that motorcycle routes are not included. With so many modes of transport already available, it seems like the logical next step for biking to be introduced too.”

To view and sign the petition, visit


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