Products: Sena Savage Bluetooth helmet

This helmet is a comfortable and well made – if basic looking – open face helmet. It comes with a long and short visor, though the three poppers can also hold a bubble visor or the like.

But, and it’s a big but, it has a Bluetooth 4.1 system built in with stereo speakers and microphone, giving you full use of your phone, sat nav or communication between rider and passenger, or rider to rider.

You set up the system via a phone app and I found it easy to set up to talk to my phone.

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The microphone is built into the top of the helmet, so you have no awkward booms sticking out, and as the control dial and button that you can use with gloves on are built in, there is no large box hanging off the side.

The battery is located inside too, to the bottom of the rear of the helmet. There should be a size for you, with two shell sizes and fits from extra small to extra, extra large.

It works really well up to around 60mph, depending on the bike. I tried it on a faired bike and you could talk and hear clearly to 70mph, whereas on an unfaired Bonneville the clocks seemed to create wind noise, so your height and bike will dictate this.

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But the battery easily lasted for several journeys totalling around eight to nine hours with some lengthy calls, plus music for longer periods.

It’s light, has an elegant, slim look and, for an open face helmet, is comfy and quiet. If you like to chat, or want to hear your sat nav, this is a great lid that doesn’t look like you’re connected.

■ £349.99

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