RE 250 Crusader MX

Not many people race a Crusader in the 250 class but maybe if a few more did there’d be more bits available…

Even though it isn’t the shiniest of motorcycles, the Crusader MXer parked in the entrance to Royal Enfield specialists Hitchcocks Motorcycles in Solihull, is certainly an eye-catching one.

Okay, I admit it, anything with knobbly tyres on does it for me, but even so the 250 unit construction machine, with its open frame and high pipe is a good-looking motorcycle.


Unfortunately what it looks like is less important than what it goes like in the sporting world.

As I waited for Allan Hitchcock to find a moment or two in his busy day, I took the opportunity to check out the bike.

As the last issue of CDB had just gone to press, and featured an article in which a Crusader trials bike was one of six machines in the test, I was even more intrigued.


The more I looked at the Crusader the more I felt it would make a nice feature – so here we are.

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