Record your thrillson the cheap

This action camera is a rip-off of the popular GoPro and I bought it last year as a bike/dash cam.

The image and sound quality are pretty good, image stabilisation is excellent. Using it in 4k mode doesn’t make a lot of difference from 1080p, it just uses up the battery faster and fills up the memory card.

A 16gb card will fill up in 40 minutes at 4k and in two hours at 1080p. The battery will last about 30-40 minutes at 1080p if you turn the display screen off. Adjusting the settings is fiddly, but you can circumvent that by using the accompanying OKCAM app.


This lets you tweak things more easily on the screen of your smartphone and offers a live preview on your phone, using a wi-fi connection which has a decent range.

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