September 2018

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This edition includes:

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From the archive

Twins and triples – a pair of Triumphs jump Ballaugh bridge

Bedfordshire bobber
An old-school Triumph twin bobber with some seriously nice touches

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What’s going on in our world of classic biking

What’s on
Make the most of the weather and get out there! There are some seriously good events coming up, so enjoy and let us know what you think

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Wheels and Waves part 2
More beautiful classics from the Biarritz spectacular

Prescott bikefest
A great weekend for the National Association of Blood Bikes charity

Buying Guide – BSA Rocket 3
Too much too late – we take a look at the fantastic sounding triple, the Rocket 3

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Buying Guide – MZ ES250
Just when the country needed a cheap mode of transport, MZ obliged. And they’re still fun now

Buying Guide – Suzuki RE5
‘Be brave; go your own way’ we’re often told. Suzuki did, but the world wasn’t so kind

New Classics – Indian Bobber
It’s not afraid to be different and it’s great fun, but does the Indian Bobber offer a modern alternative to a classic?

Archive poster
An Indian tackles the Brooklands test hill in 1915

Steve Cooper
Steve extols the virtues of having an MZ in your life

Paul Miles
‘Sorry mate, didn’t see you.’ Paul talks vintage hi-viz…

Paul D’Orléans
Paul gives time to those good people – the ‘lenders’

It’s Beezumph time!
We go to the Beezumph rally in Anglesey to see the how the Triumph and BSA triples celebrate their 50th anniversary

Triple-pronged attack!
Back in 1970 BSA and Triumph decided to take the Daytona race by storm…

Rob North – the interview
We managed to find the man that created the frame for the triple-cylindered racers – out in the US

How to photograph your bike
We look at some simple steps to make your bike look great in pictures

We’ve tested a bit of everything for you this month

Just the one this month, but a lovely one

What we’ve been up to
Matt’s pulling apart yet another bike, Steve is finding parts he never needed and Oli is smug as nothing has gone wrong…

How to recommission a bike
How do you recommission a bike that’s been standing for years?

Reader Ads
Temptation lies beyond here…

Frank’s last word
Frank debates whether its him that has changed or the world around



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