I BOUGHT CBG specifically for the article on the BMW R90 special. I was a little disappointed to see how inaccurately the machine was described with K1100 front and rear ends. I would suggest that they are in fact from an early K100 with later model wheels. K1100s have paralever rear ends and the front ends sport four-pot callipers and fully floating discs with an integral fork brace and two-piece mudguard.

Notwithstanding my criticism of the description, it is still an interesting machine. The bit which fascinated me was how the drive shaft and the gearbox were joined and the way the rear frame had been strengthened to cope with the single sided swinging arm but alas no mention in the text.

Phil Oughtred


The owner provided the info about the bike, which is usually the most reliable method of getting our facts right – but it’s not always infallible, of course… CBG

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