Style & substance

BACK IN THE DAY, you were either warm and dry (with an oh-so-not-sexy shiny Rukka suit) or classically cool (in every sense) in a leaky black leather jacket. The latest clothing range from Knox combines both style and weather-protection with an innovative new system of layering, to add flexible armour to your riding ensemble. The Knox layering system moves away from a single bulky jacket – they’ve taken the armour out of a loose-fitting outer jacket where it can move around. Instead an armoured shirt is worn close to the body when riding to radically improve rider protection by holding the armour in the right place. When armour is placed in loose ‘pockets’ it can move around, and won’t necessarily be in the right position when you need impact protection. Like a crash helmet, it’s better if it’s a snug fit.

The Knox system follows three principles: protection, flexibility and style. It utilises a base-layer that manages moisture and keeps you dry and comfortable. That’s followed by the armoured shirt, then a mid-layer for extra insulation and warmth when it’s needed, and an outer jacket of your choice. That jacket benefits from the unique Knox ‘dual fit’ system, so it can increase or decrease in size to fit the layers underneath. It expands to accommodate your extra layers, and then when you arrive – remove the armour and base layer, reduce the size of the jacket by closing the dual fit system, and you can stroll around in comfort looking like a normal human being instead of the Michelin Man…


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