Suzuki T250


Suzuki was the Japanese company that produced the first, true, two-stroke sports 250cc twin. Other manufacturers had made quarter litre, stroker, twins but none had delivered such well thought out, superbly engineered devices. From 1966 through to 1978 Suzuki delivered a series of front line, air-cooled twins with the T20, T250 and GT250. So good was the basic design the latter model became the best-selling 250 of 1976. From road bike to production racer, Suzuki’s 250 twins excelled. They may not have been the fastest of their day or sported the latest technologies, yet they offered something far more important – style.


Even those who don’t carry a flag for the Hamamatsu brand will grudgingly admit Suzuki’s stylist and designers knew how to turn out a stunningly good-looking machine.  And those that know the second model can also vouch for the fact that there’s go as well as show from a Suzuki T250.

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