Tap and die set

Draper Tap and die set, thread restorer

A tap and die set can also be used for cleaning out rusted and dirty threads. What’s more, with a die you can make your own studs, large or small, or conversely with a tap you can rethread a hole to take an oversize screw etc.

I’ve had a handy sized set from Draper, mixed imperial and metric, with same sized taps and dies, plus their necessary holding tools of course, for a while now and it’s been worth its weight in gold. I’ve used it countless times and Draper can also have handy sized 400ml aerosol cans of cutting lubricant to keep things well oiled when forming that new thread. The price is around £4 a tin. Tap and die sets start at around £30 depending on the number of pieces. Have a look at their comprehensive range of tools online www.drapertools.com

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