Thanks for keeping it real

As a recent subscriber I would like to comment that I really enjoyed the December issue. I was particularly impressed by the GPO Bantam story with its good blend of interesting old bikes and social history. I am personally interested in the whole idea of motorcycles as working vehicles – back in the day your bike served as commuter, tourer, scratcher, shopping trolley. My small stable consists of Honda CXs, MZs and a CZ. It will be on one of these machines that I make my next trip to the supermarket or work.

So, whilst I do enjoy articles on the exotica, please remember that for
some the fun is in the cheap seats!


Thanks also for the 2018 calendar – what a nice gift.

David Nesbitt

Thanks David and I’m glad you enjoyed it. The telegram chaps were still young at heart, according to Grant who interviewed them. As far as the bikes go, there’s more affordable exotica on the way… Matt

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