The Dinky Dommi

Fowl play! Add your own ‘Not a Bantam in sight’ joke here. The Navigator; an affordable Norton.

IN HIS LONG career at the core of the original Britbike industry, designer Bert Hopwood rarely made a monstrous mistake.

However, you’d have to say that the unit construction 250 Jubilee was far from his finest hour. It undermined the marque’s reputation for solid engineering and superb steering, and the reputation of the lightweight twins remains besmirched in some circles. Happily, this provides an excellent opportunity for the savvy shopper today.


That’s because prices of the completely competent Navigator tend to be depressed by its association with the troublesome Jubilee. So the Navigator 350 offers many of the benefits of Norton’s beefy big-bore twins at around half the price you might pay for a featherbed Dominator.

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