CBG HAS BEEN my chosen motorcycle read almost from its first issue.

It always holds my interest and I like your way of keeping it fresh by slipping in articles about modern retro bikes and readers’ specials and customs. Like many of my fellow readers, age and its problems have curtailed my riding of large, heavy bikes. I am not alone.

I bet many of you have gone to the assistance of an older rider who is struggling with his machine while on a club run. I still ride a B31 combo, but this is impractical for general use. 125cc machines are great fun but you are a bit vulnerable on dual carriageways or motorways.


My local MoT tester heard my story, and told me of the 250cc machine built by Herald, at Huntingdon not far away from my home. So we paid them a visit. The works was very impressive; spotless, tidy and well organised. An added bonus was that the workforce was all motorcyclists. The missus spent time talking to a lady assembler at the bench, then walked back to me and ordered me to buy one. What a result!

There are several choices to choose from, all built around a Suzuki GN250-based engine. Yes, they are manufactured in the East but they are assembled and finished in England, creating good skills and jobs for several people. The design is good and simple, no plastic to wade through and anybody with a basic toolkit can work on it. My Herald Classic 250 is terrific value for money and, with a 60-70mph cruising speed, it keeps me grinning all day!

Peter Johnson


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