Vecta key safe

The average burglary takes just 45 seconds. And most of us apparently leave our keys by the door – makes sense – but also makes it easy for a scumbag to grab them on the way out.

But there’s now another problem. More modern cars and bikes are using keyless ignition, where the key operates the vehicle with radio signals. As opposed to old bikes that also have true keyless ignition – with no key…

This is one potential solution: a small safe. It’s easy to use and has just enough room for keys, valuables and things like passports; but it’s small enough to be easily fitted into the wall without making too large a hole.

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It also has a Faraday bag inside to shield your fancy keys from being read and your bikes and cars being stolen – a problem that is getting worse.

We haven’t seen one but the idea looks good and it has passed several security tests. It’s also battery-powered, so no wiring is needed and it’ll still work if the power is cut.

My car cost less than a McDonalds and my old bikes don’t have keys. But two Land Rovers and a BMW motorbike have been stolen locally recently and apparently you can’t shoot thieves nowadays; so this safe sounds like a great idea.

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