Arai & RST warns of fakes being sold on websites

The importer of Arai crash helmets and RST clothing has warned buyers that fake items bearing its branding have appeared on internet selling sites.

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The helmet firm posted a message showing an Ebay page with what Arai Helmets UK says is a fake Arai RX-7RRS on sale for £106.99 – the usual price for an RX-7V, the nearest equivalent, is around the £600-700 mark. The RST importer has also warned that RST Blade II jackets, that retail at £249.99 have been faked and sold online for £114.99. The copies are poor, missing the RST branding on the jackets, while the helmets feature wrap-around visors which Arai does not use, and come in poor quality packaging.

Arai warned: “Do not purchase these helmets as they are fake. Our helmets are passed to very strict EU standards and are designed to save your life. Fake ones are not only counterfeit designed but can be counterfeit safety standards as well.”

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