Wheels and waves

The sound of passers-by roaring together in harmony spurs that overwhelming feeling of anticipation and excitement, and in a flash you want to hop on your bike and ride – ride to every single area of the festival; from the showcase of engines in the ‘village’, heading 40 minutes along to the flat track race, ‘El Rollo’, in San Sebastian, then onwards to the Deus Swank Rally (the best place to find those classics, customs and scramblers being put to the test in an endurance mud bath).

You’re then led up over the mountains, gliding right to the top, in order to watch the punks peak drag race; a race with the most incredible backdrop. Let’s not forget to dip in to the ‘art ride’ and soak up some incredible history and imagery from the last few years. This is a snapshot (in no particular order) of a four-day experience at Wheels and Waves – one that will leave you wanting more. The event is based in Biarritz, South of France and is now in its seventh year, with a bright and ever-growing future ahead. Bike, surf and skate enthusiasts travel from all over the globe to embrace the many elements that make this event so unique, all bound together with the same passion of two wheels.

With hundreds of bikes on show and the thousands of bikers that come along to get involved, it’s safe to say there is no shortage in eye candy for every kind of attendee. I’ve been lucky enough to attend the last two years and each year they have outdone themselves. Even with this year’s unexpected storm two days prior to the launch of Wheel and Waves, which resulted in the main village area moving from its picturesque location at the Cité de l’Ocean to a more industrial setting, the event maintained its bustling atmosphere. Everyone mucked in and made it work. Biarritz is known for its unpredictable weather, so suck it up and go with it – the show must go on.